April 2018
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As stated previously, I am hardly the religious type, but I have sufficient knowledge to give the background concerning the idea that the long dark was the Rapture.  There’s the Seven Seals, the Seven Trumpets, three Angelic Announcements and then God’s reign on Earth.  I won’t bore you with all the seals (or a […]

The Old Ones

It would be nice to think that our tribe and clan survived because of their native cunning and raw determination.  That’s true, to a point.  Sheer willpower was needed to survive the long dark.  There’s people who had better resources and skills who failed to survive because they couldn’t take the pressure.  I can […]

Delving into the Past

Adrias is still going over the book and treating it.  Since we have to leave tomorrow for the Lake, I’m not sure when I will get to see it.  Adrias has it sealed up in a special container filled with some special “gases” that are supposed to stabilize it.   I will have to wait […]

The Old Foundations

What a day! We got into the ruins of the old house today.  It took us an hour to get in through all the old rust and flooring.  The cellar had been completely sealed all these years and it’s contents were largely unspoiled.  It was in such good shape that we stopped even looking […]


The idea of a moon falling out of the sky and impacting the earth has always intrigued me. If you dig down far enough into the ground, you can find this gray layer of “ash” that they say is the remains of that moon, now scattered all over the earth. So one could argue […]

Fall From Grace - Introduction

How the Old World came to an end remains a matter of some debate. As I said previously, this is the 183rd year after the end of the Dark Years. The world, as you know it, ended long before that date.  Nobody is really sure how long the dark period lasted, or how long […]