October 2009
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Day 2: New Leads

We did a repeat of yesterday.  Up before dawn and on the trail.  Things were pretty uneventful until we hit the outskirts of the ruins of Old Colville.  Nobody is really sure what hit Colville back during the dark times, but whatever it was, it didn't leave a lot standing.  There's nothing left standing that's above a meter tall.  Whole houses cut down with just the low lying outline of the house standing.  By now, a lot of its covered by soil and plants, but you can still make out all the outlines in the earth.  It's a weird spooky place and while I don't put a lot of stock into the haunted stories, the place feels wrong and there's nothing wrong about avoiding it.  You can never tell what lingering deaths might be left in that place.  When I say lingering death, I mean a huge assortment of sicknesses that happen to people who go into those places, some quick, some take years to die a slow painful death. The ruins of Spokane have a lot more buildings standing and a lot more contaminated places you can wander into.  Not to mention the creatures that live in the ruins there.  Generally speaking, you avoid the old cities unless you are one hell of  a crazy explorer with a deathwish. We got to Kettle Falls in good order in the late afternoon.  Long story short, after a lot of walking, talking and paying people off, we have a lead and it looks like they were here and headed down river a couple days ago.  I will go into the details in tomorrow's journal more as it looks like we will be spending the day on the river trying to catch up, so I will have some extra time to write in the journal.  It's late here now as we had to find canoes, get provisions and finally eat.  It looks like they have a couple wounded members in their party and that's slowing them down, which is to our advantage.  I hope we can catch them as we are going to make those bastards pay.

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