October 2009
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Day 1: Over the Pass

I've been gone awhile.  A bit over two weeks.  I set the date back as close as I could so hopefully that much time hasn't past for you.  I'm setting out again in a day or two, but I am going to get all this in so you can see what has happened.  Then when I return from this next adventure, I will do the same.  Hopefully things will be wrapped up at that point.  I kept a daily journal of the trip and I'm pretty much just going to put it straight in here on a daily basis.  It's all from my point of view and I'm not going to really reword it, so you are going to have to get used to how I keep journals. I met up with my team at the Junction before dawn and we headed up to the pass.  The old roads are pretty broken up and decayed at this point, but they mark the best way through the pass, provided you steer clear of the parts where the road has washed up.  We are  moving fast and light, knowing we could re-provision at K-Falls meant we could go a bit lighter than usual.  While I have stayed in good shape, we were moving at a rate you only use for a competition or for combat.  Urgency is an issue with us and we are shooting for 35-40 klicks before we stop tonight.  It's not a sustainable pace you can keep at day after day, but we can do it for two days.  At that point if we have a lead, it will most likely be downriver.  If we don't then, we can head upriver and hope to find something. We stopped for lunch just before midday to give us a chance to check our equipment and, most importantly, our feet.   I spent the majority of that break soaking my feet in an ice-cold lake, but Roji managed to snag a pair of rabbits.  We will be having those for dinner tonight if I don't miss my guess. Roji is my second in command and by far the best of us in ranged combat.  When he uses all his equipment, he's like some sort of old world battleship making the ground tremble and lighting up the night sky.  Shooting a couple of rabbits with his bow is akin to me lacing up my boots - not very hard.   I usually have Roji out on point when we are moving as I can trust him to be quiet and provide the most accurate assessment of threats.  He is a quiet intense sort of guy.  Roji likes to joke that he lets his guns do the talking for him.  The fact is, when its just the team, Roji talks a lot.  When anyone else is around, he's really quiet.  Usually he's sizing up the person.  That's why we work so well together.  By nature I am very social, so I get people talking and find out what they know.  Roji watches to see what they aren't saying and what their body language is saying. The rest of the day was rather uneventful.  We made good time and should be able to reach the falls late tomorrow.  We will have to skirt the ruins of the old city of Colville, but that shouldn't slow us down too much.   Once to K-Falls (or Kettle Falls as it was once known), we will set to work seeing if we can find any leads.  It was a hard first day, but the rabbits went down well and we have our night guard all sorted out.  I'm sure we will all sleep good with the effort today, but it was worth it.

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