September 2009
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Setting Out

Bear got up here this morning with the rest of my team.  He is going to get things fixed up here in my absence.  The scouts couldn't find any sign of the thieves, which is no surprise.  We were coming from upriver, so they wouldn't have headed that way.  East are the Selkirks and that's brutal mountinous back country if you aren't a native.  To the west there's only the pass for an easy exit and that is too obvious and trackable of an escape route.  Since everyone was returning from upriver, it makes most sense the bandits headed downriver, or north to where the river joins the Columbia, then head back south.  Since my suspicion is it's someone related to one of the tribes at the Pow Wow, my guess is they took the Columbia back south some distance, then they might strike east again, maybe even cutting back through the Dead City. Since they have such a huge head start, I have to take risks and cut as much time off as possible.  We are going to head over the west pass and strike straight towards K-Falls.  If they came south there, someone will have noticed them, it's too much of a trade hub for a party like that to go unnoticed.  Cutting off the loop in the river like that will shave a couple days off their head start as well.  It's a calculated risk, but it's the best chance we have.  Once there we can act accordingly. Bear is sending out messengers to all of our contacts in the various tribes looking to get any leads on people who went missing early from the Pow Wow.  We don't expect the people behind this theft to admit their people were missing, but everyone will talk about who they saw leaving from other tribes.  Somewhere in there we might get some additional clues.  Since it was the archive that was raided, we will more than likely see some reports.  Hopefully we can get some additional scouts out there keeping an eye out for a hunting party that doesn't seem too interested in hunting, and most likely far from their own stomping grounds.  Bear is also going to send some scouts downriver just in case those bastards are holed up somewhere north along the river waiting things out. I leave in the morning, but like I said, I will reset the date on the system on my return so you should not see any great delay between now and then.  Wish me luck, I have need of it.

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