September 2009
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Elias, the old caretaker, is dead. You may have noticed the lack of posts.  While we were at the lake, some group attacked the refuge and killed Elias and some of the other workers here.  I am still not sure who did it, or why.  The trail is more than a week old and it will be difficult to follow.  Whoever did this, left no bodies behind, although there are more blood stains than the bodies left here can explain.  The attackers used firearms only and common ammunition sizes, so there is nothinig to be gained from that.  They also broke into one of Adrias' archives and stole several items.  I'm not sure which items though, so we are trying to do a quick inventory as what they stole might give us an indication of who took it. Among the things taken were the book we just found. I think this is an important hint at who made the attack.  We were talking about our find at the Pow Wow initially because we were excited, but Adrias told us to shut up about it.  Evidently he didn't do that soon enough and word got around.  It's my guess that someone who heard about the book left the Pow Wow early and hustled up here to make the strike. I am righteously mad about this and since I am in charge in Adrias' absence, I am taking action immediately.  The archive here has been maintained for generations for the benefit of all.  For someone to come and steal things from it is an affront to the entire clan. No one should harbor such a criminal, much less sanction such an action.  I want to know who did it, who put them up to it and deliver swift justice to them. I sent a messenger down to get Bear and my team from Homestead.  They should be here tomorrow.  I'm going to leave Bear in charge in my absence and take my team in pursuit.  I have some scouts out now trying to pick up the initial direction of flight.  We have been lucky and there has been no rain, but that will change soon. I will post again tomorrow before I go.  I have to get my gear ready and finish laying to rest the poor souls who died here.  One final note, regarding the "mind bender," there's a simple reason I don't do those things.  It's really hard to get this stuff to work in the first place and I take extra care just to make sure I get posts in the right order.  If I'm lucky, it shows up every day, or it might miss slightly and show up the next day.  That's allowable considering what I'm doing. Messing with that will only screw things up.  What I will do is reset the post date when I return from my pursuit so my first post from when I return will be within a day of my last post before I leave.  I suppose this has some benefits for you on that end as I have no idea how long I will be gone. I will keep a journal while I'm on the trail and then post that in chunks so you can will get a real good glimpse into what life is like here. More tomorrow.

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