September 2009
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Delving into the Past

Adrias is still going over the book and treating it.  Since we have to leave tomorrow for the Lake, I'm not sure when I will get to see it.  Adrias has it sealed up in a special container filled with some special "gases" that are supposed to stabilize it.   I will have to wait until his return for him to finish the process.  This is frustrating as the little bit of it I looked at was so interesting.  I will come back to that in a minute. From what we were able to piece together, it looks like two people took refuge in that cellar and were later trapped when part of the house collapsed.  There were some small vents we found on the inside and from the clutter of old rusted cans, it appears the couple lived for some time.    Judging from the chisel marks at the vents and around the trap door, there was some prolonged but failed attempts at escape.  There's a dark, tragic story hidden in that diary and I mean to have it.  We found the book in an old sealed plastic container.  It had protected it from the moisture and bugs, but its age had made the pages brittle. It was actually hand written in a strange script in faded green ink. Adrias says its "cursive" writing. Nobody writes like that any more, so I could only make out the odd word. The one page I read talked about "the war" and "the impact."  From my quick glance, it looks like the diary talks about the last days of the old world and the beginning of the long dark.  I wonder if the "impact" refers to the Moonstrike?  It's agonizing that right as we find this new interesting stuff that I have to leave and wait to learn what lies within.

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