September 2009
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Setting Out

Bear got up here this morning with the rest of my team.  He is going to get things fixed up here in my absence.  The scouts couldn’t find any sign of the thieves, which is no surprise.  We were coming from upriver, so they wouldn’t have headed that way.  East are the Selkirks and […]


Elias, the old caretaker, is dead. You may have noticed the lack of posts.  While we were at the lake, some group attacked the refuge and killed Elias and some of the other workers here.  I am still not sure who did it, or why.  The trail is more than a week old and […]

Mind Bender

Your puzzler for the day.  If these are being sent back in time via some tricky byte manipulation, then couldn’t I post these at any time I wanted and you would never know I was posting out of sequence or not.  For instance the second post made could, in fact, be the last post […]


As stated previously, I am hardly the religious type, but I have sufficient knowledge to give the background concerning the idea that the long dark was the Rapture.  There’s the Seven Seals, the Seven Trumpets, three Angelic Announcements and then God’s reign on Earth.  I won’t bore you with all the seals (or a […]

The Old Ones

It would be nice to think that our tribe and clan survived because of their native cunning and raw determination.  That’s true, to a point.  Sheer willpower was needed to survive the long dark.  There’s people who had better resources and skills who failed to survive because they couldn’t take the pressure.  I can […]

On the Road Again

This is the first of my entries while I am off to the big Pow Wow.  I told the Caretaker to post this two days after I left.  You can be the judge of whether he managed to do that or not.  Elias is a kindly diligent sort, but he is not the sharpest […]

Delving into the Past

Adrias is still going over the book and treating it.  Since we have to leave tomorrow for the Lake, I’m not sure when I will get to see it.  Adrias has it sealed up in a special container filled with some special “gases” that are supposed to stabilize it.   I will have to wait […]