August 2009
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Corrections and Clarifications

Lots of little things to talk about today. First, let's do a few updates. Pow Wow: I will be leaving in a few days for the Pow Wow and be gone for some time.  In my absence, I have been working on getting some extra entries into the system that can be dispatched in my absence.  I have asked the Caretaker, old Elias, if he would go through the transmission process while I was gone.  Over the next couple days I will get him trained up on what he needs to do.  I have to warn you, between mechanical and human error, there's a good chance things could get messed up.  Don't worry, I will be back. Younglings: There definitely seems to be more Younglings coming down out of the mountains to the north.  Nothing to be concerned of, yet, but I worry what we might return to after the Pow Wow.  We won't have Adrias with us either as he will be taking the new Guardians and the winners of The Test out on the Challenge.  Adrias is sort of a distracted, goofy, absent-minded, and terribly kind man.  Not at all the sort you would normally think would make you feel safe.  Having seen him fight, I can't imagine a safer place to be than at his side.  I will be in charge upon our return until Adrias completes the Challenge.  Thoughts of Kal continue to haunt me and it seems that there is no end in sight for that. Clarifications: Adrias said I should correct a few of my "inaccuracies."  That's his way of saying mistakes. Mreen: We use this term to mean any formally trained soldier who does nothing else but fight.  This can be in a standing army, as it was said Mreens were used in the past (or so we believe) or as mercenaries as they are frequently used now.  Adrias says the correct old world word is "Marine" pronounce "MAH-reen."  That just sounds weird and nobody, outside of Adrias, says it that way.  I have clarified the word, but I will continue to use the one commonly used. Faraway Cage: Evidently I got this wrong too.  It's called a Faraday Cage and, if properly constructed, it stops electronic signals from going in or out. I guess it doesn't matter if you are faraway or not.  Supposedly Faraday was an old world tech priest.  I wonder if he new St. Tesla? Ranger School: I mentioned a school only Mreens could use.  Adrias says while Mreens could use it, as could Rangers, it belonged to something called the Air Force, a group that controlled the skies.  Doesn't the air belong to everyone?  Seems arbitrary to let someone control it.  I will have to add this to my ever growing list of questions for Adrias.

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