August 2009
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Homestead Visit

I got back this morning from a trip upriver to Homestead. It's nice being home, even if only for a few days. My main reason for going was to do some updates to the network in the bunker. The bunker is really more of a glorified root cellar. It's buried into the side of a hill. It's also shielded in different ways so that the hunter-killers can't detect the tech being used within it. There's something called a "Far Away Cage" that is built into the walls. Evidently it keeps the bunker from being detected by a hunter-killer that is far away. Since the HKs are rare and have to sweep a lot of land, the chance of one passing directly overhead is very low as they avoid coming in close until they have a confirmed tech source. Just the same, it's another reason so many people shy away from technology. In some locations, its a death offense to possess it, even something as simple as a flashlight. Fortunately we aren't one of those groups. We use the bunker for testing and using tech safely. It gives people a place to kit bash new gear out of whatever wreckage they come across. It also gives strike teams a chance to do practice simulation with their gear. It's also where the tech priests hold their services and the tribe holds its community nights where they watch the old vids. Sometimes its one of the Tales of the Vader, but we were lucky this week and someone had traded for a vid of old mershals that most of us had never seen. Of course, such luxuries assume they have collected enough power. They can pull some current from the creek, but they get most of it from sun and wind. The wind is a bit flaky, but the sun is pretty reliable. Outside of the bunker, it's unusual to see anyone using tech. The energy sources are just too precious. Energy sources and ammunition are used as money. I was also able to take some of the children out to the old beaver pond for some fishing, training in tracking and storytelling. We found some black bear, cougar, raccoon and badger tracks. Even better we caught a creel full of rainbow trout. If I have time this week, I will recount for you one of the tales I told the young ones.

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