August 2009
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The idea of a moon falling out of the sky and impacting the earth has always intrigued me. If you dig down far enough into the ground, you can find this gray layer of "ash" that they say is the remains of that moon, now scattered all over the earth. So one could argue that the moon and earth combined themselves into a new whole. Does that make this the Mearth, or maybe Mirth? Hah, I slay me! The trouble with this is that no one has been able to find any solid evidence for this second moon. Any old vids we have only show the one moon, at least on Earth. Sure there's the moon thats not a moon that The Vader inhabits, but that doesn't seem to be near Earth, but rather some faraway place. Adrias has even showed me a map of the one moon that we now have, but no one has ever seen any map or image of this supposed second moon except for the Earthfall vid. It's a short 30 second vid that supposedly dates back to the crash. Its some guy from what Adrias says is a news show. He is talking about people needed to seek shelter immediately and then the camera pans up and there's this immense...something, in the sky. It's not the moon either as you can see it faintly in the background in the corner of the shot. The shot is so rushed, panicked and jerky and then degraded from compression and time, that I suppose you could see anything you want in it. What's indisputable is that people are running around madly. Tons of people, more than I have ever seen in one place in real life. Also, there are real working kars, or maybe its cars, but I digress. The reason its called the Earthfall vid is because the guy talking keeps saying over and over, "It's going to make Earthfall in 24 hours, seek shelter." It's basically all he says over and over in a quiet voice for the full 30 seconds. So what we know is that supposedly something big hit the Earth. The vague shape in the vid is immense. If that hit the Earth, I'm surprised any of us are still around. The myth says that the impact caused such an explosion it knocked out the sun and the world was black for a long time until it re-ignited. I cannot imagine a world without the sun, but then again I can't imagine a world being hit by a moon either.

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