August 2009
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Youngling Recon

Adrias sent us back out, with myself in lead, to do a recon of the Younglings. They were further south than they normally roam and we needed to determine if this was an isolated group that had wandered far from home or if the larger tribe was moving towards us. This time we used the river to get us further north and cut back in a south easterly direction so if we did come across them, we would be approaching them from behind, giving us the ability to (hopefully) observe them. We found nothing other than the very cold trail of the party we ran into. I suppose that is some relief, the last thing we need to do is have multiple groups of these freaks causing havoc up and down the river. This also gave us some time to adjust the way we behave as a team. Since I was team leader (again), I made everyone do it by the book. Nobody so much as grumbled, no matter how cautious I was. I think everyone learned something from our last experience about what happens when you get sloppy and relaxed. After awhile it was going very smooth and polished, like it should be. Just the same, it wasn't the best time anyone has had. The search for the Younglings served as a constant reminder of Kal's death. Multiple times I saw people starting to enjoy themselves and suddenly they would grow quiet again as they were reminded of why we were out here. Still, I think this outing let us exorcise a few demons and we will be able to avoid some future problems now.

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