August 2009
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The Old Foundations

What a day! We got into the ruins of the old house today.  It took us an hour to get in through all the old rust and flooring.  The cellar had been completely sealed all these years and it’s contents were largely unspoiled.  It was in such good shape that we stopped even looking […]


Cutting wood up here is a year round pastime.  In the case of Adrias’ hide out, we try and cut down trees upriver and then float a group of them down to the remains of the old dam. At that point its all about sawing them into shorter lengths, getting them inside, then cutting […]

Corrections and Clarifications

Lots of little things to talk about today. First, let’s do a few updates. Pow Wow: I will be leaving in a few days for the Pow Wow and be gone for some time.  In my absence, I have been working on getting some extra entries into the system that can be dispatched in […]

Upriver – The Test

It won’t be long before we head upriver for the big Pow Wow at the Lake.  All the tribes in the River Clan gather together with the tribes of the Lake Clan for a huge meeting, competition and festival.  It is quite the elaborate show.  It starts off with the graduating team  of each […]


There are times when I wish I could get answers through this rig.  For instance, every New Years Day, which coincides with the winter solstice, we all watch and tell the Tales of the Vader.  How he was born to humbleness, lifted up, fell into temptation and wickedness and betrayed by his favored. Then  […]

The Tunnel

While the Bunker is a good place to use technology, sometimes we have the need for a location that’s a bit bigger.  That’s when we use the Tunnel.  It’s part of the old iron highway about 3 klicks north of Homestead along the river.  At that point, the old path goes directly through a […]

Bear Talk

While I was at Homestead I got to visit with Bear.  He and my brother were in the same team and were friends since childhood. To me he was always like a big brother.  Bear isn’t so much part of our family as we are part of his.  If Bear took a liking to […]

Homestead Visit

I got back this morning from a trip upriver to Homestead. It’s nice being home, even if only for a few days. My main reason for going was to do some updates to the network in the bunker. The bunker is really more of a glorified root cellar. It’s buried into the side of […]


The idea of a moon falling out of the sky and impacting the earth has always intrigued me. If you dig down far enough into the ground, you can find this gray layer of “ash” that they say is the remains of that moon, now scattered all over the earth. So one could argue […]

Youngling Recon

Adrias sent us back out, with myself in lead, to do a recon of the Younglings. They were further south than they normally roam and we needed to determine if this was an isolated group that had wandered far from home or if the larger tribe was moving towards us. This time we used […]