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Greetings From the Future

This is largely a matter of faith. My faith that this jury-rigged creation of Adrias' will actually work and the faith of whomever reads this that the information is true and reasonably accurate. I am not sure which of us has the larger leap to make, but I don't have the liberty of choice. Adrias says this will help me with my knowledge of history, my storytelling and my "old" English. I am not sure how talking to an audience whose reaction I cannot see will help me very much, but there is usually a method to Adrias' madness.  Adrias says I should talk about my brother too, that it will be good for me to tell his tale. That will be equal parts pleasure and pain for me. I know Adrias misses him.  We all miss him, but he was as close to Adrias as a person could be, or more accurately, as close as Adrias ever allowed someone to be.  Adrias is someone else I will have to write whole entries about, just to scratch the surface of his story. What you, whomever you are, will be reading are notes about my life and the history of my world.  I suppose it's your world too, but it's not a world you would understand or recognize.  So much has happened between your time and my own.  Hell, I don't even know how much time has passed between you and I.  I'm writing this in the year 183 A.D.  Back at Homestead I learned that A.D. meant something different to people in the past.  To us, it means "after the dark," that long time when everyone and everything was killed or destroyed and the world changed for better or worse.  That's a topic for another time though as the stories about that time and what led up to it are a life's work to memorize, much less tell. My name is Ione and I'm a Ranger.  I'm not sure if that word has the same meaning for us as it does for you. I'm also a Bard.  Again, while the word is supposedly the same between our times, I think the concept has changed significantly. I will explain both of these things in future posts. The one good thing about this is I have much to share, so my problem is more one of picking what's most important, or at least interesting for you to know.  The bad thing about this is that I have to do this in addition to my chores and studies with Adrias and the others, not to mention the travelling we do. At any rate, I will do the best I can to be consistent and set a regular schedule, all things considered. I suppose I am leaving you with many unanswered questions.  Well, a good story starts with a mystery and my story begins here.

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